I am so excited! I can’t wait to win!!!

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Mega Millions

Each time someone in the office has a birthday, we head out and get them their favorite cake or goody to celebrate.  I, however, have a birthday in which no one ever wants to partake in such celebrations as it is immediately following the age old new year’s resolution of “gotta lose weight”. 

Since I am hard at work on my own “me” goals, I thought that I would request something fun for my birthday wish of 2011. 

I did not want cake.  After all, who would eat it?

I did not want to order in lunch.  After all, I would be way to tempted to get something I should not.

So, instead, I told them to take $10 and get me some Mega Millions tickets! 

I now sit here with the winning ticket in my hand and I just can’t wait to see my numbers drawn. 

Since I know they will be called, I wanted to give you a run down of my plans for this incredible jackpot.

  1. I will take cash option.  I want to make sure we have the money in our hands so that should something happen to me, my family is not without the remaining balance.  If I come up missing – look for me in the backyard.  That is where my hubs always jokes I will be found!  LOL
  2. I would like to say that you would never hear from me again, but I have a feeling that would not be the case.  I am pretty sure I would still blog (from wherever we are) so that you can join us on our adventure.  I will let you know more after we have the payout in hand. 
  3. My co-workers will more than likely never see me again!  LOL  Sorry guys.
  4. You will NOT see me on the news like the one winner that kept getting robbed because he always had thousands and thousands sitting in around in his glove box.   I can assure you that our winnings will be tucked safely away where it belongs.

It appears that the current jackpot is up to $355 MILLION right now.  (CAN YOU SEE THE SMILE FROM THIS SIDE OF THE SCREEN!?!?)  Of that, I can plan on getting over $208 MILLION when I select that cash option.

With this money, I plan to:

  • Take care of my family.  I am not making promises on what that entails, but each will be taken care of. Before anyone gets greedy and presumptuious, this includes my mom, dad, siblings and grandparents.  I figured I better be more specific to protect against my cousin Angie just assuming!  LOL  And NO Aunt Martha, this does not include you either (well, okay – maybe a little)! 
  • Our children will certainly be provided for.  I am a mother, birthmother and stepmother and not one of these children will be without.  College is a must!
  • Pay off all debt. 
  • Pay for a new surface for the playground at my son’s school.  Have I mentioned I hate the dirty, chalky gravel?
  • I will donate – BIG.  I will not only donate, but I want to travel to places where there is need.  I don’t want to just hand over money.  I want be physically be a part of making this world a better place.  I want to hold the children’s hands.  I want to hug the parents that hurt and I want to help build the schools that educate.  I want to witness the need first hand so I never, not for one day, take my winnings for granted.  I want to make sure I never, not for one day, forget the need that surrounds each of us. 
  • I will find the highest ranking school that best fits our family and move to that location.  I want my son to have the best opportunities available. 
  • I will get new clothes!  This sounds so little in comparison to the loads of money I am going to win, but you should know…I don’t shop for myself.  I am more apt to get something for the house, the kid, my husband or whatever, but not for myself.  If I do spend on myself, it’s for my camera or for this or that.  Rarely do I shop for clothes and things to fix myself up.
  • I will make it my mission to help the homeless in the greater Cincinnati area.  I have stories where I was so incredibly moved by people that were homeless that I can’t forget their needs. 

One man in particular was standing in front of a dumpster by the stadium years ago.  This dumpster was a fire pit of sorts that he was using to keep warm on a cold, cold night.  As he turned around, I realized that the back of his coat had caught on fire and he did not know.  Immediately, I started screaming for my brother to pull over and help him.  As my brother ran up to him, the man immediately tried to fight him off.  My brother kept yelling – you are on fire, you are on fire!  He was able to pull the man’s coat off and after he did, the man stood in tears.  Tears that his only coat, his only article of clothing warm enough to protect him from the winter temperatures was now gone.  Tears that this stranger cared enough to stop and help.  My brother called the firehouse and let them know his situation so they could come down and take him to the hospital to get checked out, get a warm meal and they would give him a warm coat.  This man (after over 14 years), is still in my thoughts.  If I had even $20 with me, I would have given him every cent.  To this day, my heart aches for this man.

  • I will vacation. I want to see the world and experience all it has to offer.
  • I will enjoy life and marvel in it’s beauty every day.
  • and of course….I’M GOIN’ TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!
  • ETA: It seems I have forgotten Jennie (aka: Jennie Sneaky Sneakerton Monza Searp).  Jennie was my office bud that actually bought my winning ticket and for that, she gets $1500.00!  Thanks Jen!  (and note: reasons for increased payouts do not include: awesomeness OR telling me I am pretty over and over and over!)

If you don’t hear from me for a few days, fear not.  I just have to get my affairs in order after I win but know that I WILL BE BACK!  😉

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