Want to Win Wednesday: Link Up and Enter #Giveaways

by Lisa on January 29, 2013 · 0 comments

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Want to Win Wednesday

We tend to have basketball games Tuesday night around here and now that my daughter is playing both JV and Varsity, it makes for some pretty late nights.  Add the addition of twins to our family and it seems like I can’t get my act together on Wednesday mornings.  With that in mind, I just thought I’d kick off Want to Win Wednesday today while I’m thinking about it.  If you’ve never entered a blog giveaway, there is a whole world of opportunity that you’re missing out on!

Each Wednesday (or Tuesday if I want to feel like an overachiever) on Want to Win Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to find new blogs, win cool prizes in bloggy giveaways, share your giveaways, or do all 3.

If you’ve never entered blog giveaways, now is the time to start. I’ve won all kinds of great prizes from blog giveaways…from small items like brownie mix to large items like a ladder.

This is also a great opportunity for bloggers to share their sites with others that may not have found their site otherwise. I hope you take part in this each week in one form or another (or BOTH)!

Please keep all giveaways family friendly. Please link directly to your giveaway post and not your homepage please. This is requested so that we do not have to search for your posts.

Hope your week has been great so far and that it gets even better as it goes along!

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