Last fall, my hubby and I started praying about adopting again.  We started the process of adopting from Jamaica, knowing that it would most likely take about 2 years.  Thankfully, 2 years would give us the time we needed to raise the money so we could adopt without debt.

Apparently, Jamaica is not in God’s plans for us right now!

In December, we were blessed with 6 year old twins!  While we currently have legal custody, we also need to adopt them and since this did not come about through the foster system, we’re faced with all the fees and costs of a regular adoption! :)

Since we only have 2 months, rather than 2 years, we’d love your help!  Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to do anything crazy!  Just use the links below to do what you already do!

If you’re planning on printing coupons, please print them from the links below.  While I don’t make a ton off  of coupon printing, if every one of my readers and Facebook friends printed a few coupons a day every day for a whole month, it would most likely fund our entire adoption!  So share this with your friends and ask them to join you in printing coupons and shopping through these links!

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You can also take advantage of e-coupons from Upromise and SavingStar.

If you’re planning on shopping, please shop through these links:


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I’ll be adding more stores in the near future.  If you regularly shop online, let me know what stores you prefer and I’ll try to add them!

Thanks so much!!!

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