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Photo credit: Marcos Vasconcelos Photography

Photo credit: Marcos Vasconcelos Photography

I can’t believe it’s another anniversary of that horrible day 8 years ago.  Every year, I find so many are talking about where they were and what they were doing on 9/11.  These memories are as clear as if they happened yesterday.

For me, I was at home.  I was heading into work late that day because we had drywall guys coming to our house to fix things for our one year walk-thru.  Just before they pulled up, the first tower was hit.  I watched the very first reactions as they saw it in the background of the show.  I seriously thought that it was some comicazi that ran into the building, not knowing the full impact of what was going on in front of me on the screen.

While the guys were working, they just kept stopping and watching all of these events unfold before us.  The house was so quiet as we just sat in awe.

Finally, they had to make themselves leave and after a bit longer of watching, I managed to pull myself away and drive to work.  The entire way, I listened on the radio and just as I pulled into the parking lot, the first building fell.  UGH.  Tears started streaming down my face as I knew the amount of death was something more than I could stand to imagine.  Most of the day at the office was spent in the back room in front of the TV.  I remember each time we got a call, we would wonder what in the world was wrong with these people that they were seriously working as normal.

For weeks following, I could not sleep.  I laid awake night after night watching the news.  Fox News and CNN were on 24/7 in our house.  I knew no one involved, but felt like I had just lost someone / something so close to me.  Isn’t it amazing how we as American’s feel that connection of being ONE.

If you are stopping by today, please take a moment from your day and talk with us.  What are you memories?  Where were you and what were you doing?  Do you feel it changed your perception of the world around us?  Did you go home and hug your loved ones thankful they are safe and knowing that our country would be forever changed?

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