The Price is Right — Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for the Family

by on December 8, 2014

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The following is a guest post from Keisha Dickey. Take it away Keisha!


Christmas is hurtling towards and you probably have one eye on what to buy, the other on the budgets. When there are so many gifts to buy, it’s easy to spend more than you wish to or can afford. Below are some great gift ideas that won’t blow your budget.

Going electronic for the guys

A smartphone is another ideal Christmas present for technology lovers. Consumers are shifting their focus from the high-end top-of-the-range smartphone to the lower leagues of the market that were once avoided at all cost. The lower and mid-range smartphones are packed with essential features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections and camera. This is a good option if you’re looking for a cell phone with no contract or for an adventurous outdoor trip and don’t want to risk losing an expensive high-end smartphone.

An electric razor is a classic Christmas present and one of the top gadgets for men. Compared with a traditional razor, an electric razor is more convenient and less messy. You’re also less likely to suffer shaving cuts or nicks. There are two types of electric razors: rotary blades with circular cutters and the foil shavers with straight blades. With the wide range of electric razors available on the market, you should easily find a model that suits your budget.

Spoiling ladies in your life

You can make your girlfriend, wife, mum, sister, daughter or niece feel special with an e-Reader. Shifts in reading habits have made e-Reader one of the most popular Christmas presents for women. Many women also like the portability of an e-Reader. It’s small, light and can fit easily in their handbags. Women also love the convenience of having a library of books at their fingertips.

Perfume is another great gift for women. Even though it’s often seen as a luxury item, there is a perfume that fits every budget. During the holiday seasons, many perfumes come in reasonably priced gift sets which normally include body lotion and shower gel. When buying a perfume as a gift, think carefully about the age, personality traits and types of fragrances that they’ve worn in the past. Younger women prefer trendy perfumes while older women prefer classic fragrances.

Putting a smile on the little ones’ faces

The best Christmas presents to get for your kids include toys, games and gadgets. As children become more technologically savvy, hi-tech presents such as smart watches and gaming apps are bound to be on their wish list. Electronic toys promote creativity and encourage imagination. Many toy manufacturers have gone hi-tech and tailored a few devices for kids and parents. For example, some smartwatches use GPS to enable parents to track their children’s location in real time.

With all around you happy with their gifts, and your wallet or purse strings intact, you can have a terrific Christmas. Enjoy the festive vibe!

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